Social Innovation Summit: Making it big (eng)

This year’s Social Innovation Summit has the theme MAKING IT BIG.

In Sweden, as theEU and in the rest of the world, time and resources are being invested in endorsingand developing social innovation, social enterprises and social entrepreneurship, which are seen as important components of achieving sustainable development and in the work with the sustainable development goals, Agenda 2030.

Social innovation contributes to solve social challenges in new ways. More and more people realize the potential in a broadened innovation perspective, which utilizes the innovation power and potential exciting in society. We see more and more good examples of social innovations that becomes through new types of collaborations – often across sectoral boundaries – that creates value for individuals, organizations and the society as a whole. Taking responsibility has become a matter of fact.

But how do we walk the talk? And what happens when a sector grows? What pitfalls are there and what can we learn from other areas and arenas? If we broaden the innovation efforts to include many, how do we care for that development?

Based on these issues, we want to focus on concepts such as scalability, growth, impact, system change and system innovation. But we also want to discuss what we mean by growth and the relationship between growth and impact. How do we build environments and arenas with an experimental culture suitable for the development of social innovation and what kind of support is needed to level up? How is a market for social innovation created – what is needed in terms of the shift in culture, attitude and values?

Last but not least, the Social Innovation Summit takes a grip on funding for social innovation – focusing on new methods, tools and best practices.


This and much more, we will focus on this year’s Social Innovation Summit ”Making it big”. Welcome to Malmö, 13-14 November.

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More about Social Innovation Summit here

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