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The Göran Bredinger Scholarship

The scholarship of 50 000 SEK is handed out to an entrepreneur who in a successful way has developed and realized an innovative solution that contributes to solving a societal challenge. 

In 2014, the scholarship was initiated by Göran Bredinger, award-winning entrepreneur and CEO of Dieden Group AB. The scholarship is a collaboration with Forum for Social Innovation Sweden and is awarded once a year. Applications are open from June until 30 September every year.

Who can apply? 

Criteria for applying to the Göran Bredinger Scholarship:

  • The entrepreneur should directly contribute to solving a societal challenge 
  • Is driven by results for the society 
  • The business idea should be original and innovative, feasible and clear 
  • Have a business model that shows that the idea is economically viable and growth-oriented 
  • Can already show good results 
  • Is active in Sweden 
  • Is at an early stage 
  • Is in their 20s to 30s  
The jury consists of:
  • Göran Bredinger, the founder of the scholarship
    and CEO of Dieden Group AB
  • Sara Bjärstorp, Director, Forum for Social Innovation Sweden
  • Hanna Sigsjö, Business developer, Save the Children Sweden
  • Åsa Skogström Feldt, Managing Director, IKEA Social Entrepreneurship BV
  • Anders Norman, former CEO of ALMI Skåne
  • Nicklas Wallberg, founder of Common Interest
Scholarship holders

2023:  Ramtin Massoumzadeh with Quandify

2022: Hannah Lohk with Medsbag

2021: Daniel Vaknine och Måns Skogman with the whistleblowing service Visslan

2020: Sofie Wahlströmt och Elinor Samuelsson with BrightAct

2019: Jonatan Persson with Helios Innovations

2018: Henning Gillberg with Repamera, Repamera repairs clothes online – all over Sweden.

2017: Hanne Pålsson with Vevios, an innovative social alarm that can give vulnerable groups in society a safe and secure everyday life.

2016: Joel Holmberg med Resledaren, a travel app to facilitate mobility in society for people, regardless of cognitive ability

2015: Kristoffer Persson with Studentvikarie Sverige AB (now Humly), whose idea is to address the school’s shortage of substitute teachers by attracting students to do extra work in the school

2014: Sara Magnusson, Experimentfabriken who want to give young people in Sweden the opportunity to pursue science and technology as a leisure activity.