Understanding children’s and parents’ experiences of the Mobile driving license developed by Telia Company and the Swedish child-rights organization Friends (2023)

Telia Company, in collaboration with the child-rights and anti-bullying organization Friends, has developed the digital inclusion initiative the Mobile driving license which aims to help children and their parents feel safe with the children’s first mobile and to facilitate conversations about life online. Telia Company contracted Forum for Social Innovation Sweden, at Malmö University, and Jönköping University for the development of an impact assessment model and an impact assessment of a digital inclusion initiative. The current study performed by Jönköping University describes impact in terms of knowledge gained from the Mobile driving license, as experienced by children and their parents. The current study has been conducted by Frida Lygnegård, PhD and assistant professor at the School of Health and Welfare, Jönköping University, Sweden.

The purpose of the study was to describe how parents and their children aged 6–9 years’ experience that the use of the digital knowledge- and dialogue support called the Mobile driving license, contributed to creating knowledge and strategies for a safe mobile and internet use. Summarizing impact and key learnings; most parents felt that the Mobile driving license could contribute to increased digital awareness and online safety.