Improving Effectiveness and Efficiency in Public Service Delivery through Co-design and Co-creation

Social innovation has evolved as the core concept relevant for provision of alternative service delivery models, designed around the needs of service users, with a more strategic focus and reduced public spending as a result. Creating new solutions with people, and not for them, holds a significant potential to improve both effectiveness and efficiency in public service delivery.

This seminar is implemented in cooperation with MindLab, (DK), one of Europe’s leading public cross-governmental innovation units, and will focus on co-creation and human-centered design approaches to put into effect improved public service delivery. MindLab assists decision-makers and public officials in viewing new policy measures and services from an outside-in perspective, and through their activities MindLab builds co-design and co-creation competencies as a key instrument for public sector innovation.

In a first step, the seminar will set the context of social innovation in Europe illustrated by hands-on case studies and outlining available funding mechanisms. During the second day, participants will actively apply co-creation tools in the public sector context, as well as benefiting directly from the interactive workshops led by MindLab. The seminar applies a practice-learning perspective and this benefits from a unique combination of European best practice examples to illustrate current social innovation trends, as well as interactive workshops in which participants will directly apply co-creation and design thinking tools. The best practice examples appear from editions of the European Public Sector Award ( managed by EIPA and will showcase cutting-edge examples of public sector innovation.

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