Human Centered Business Index launches 15th march

Today’s global challenges are so large and complex that they require a new kind of problem solving and way of doing business. Finding solutions requires a diversity of perspectives, approaches and capabilities. We know that businesses play a critical role in forging the path forward, and believe that we need to highlight and celebrate the best examples – for others to follow.

So we went looking for Swedish companies that transcend CSR – who not only report on sustainability efforts – but move beyond sustainability as it exists today by bringing values to their core businesses.  This means being human centered. Taking on a human centered approach in business begins with a belief that all problems are solvable, recognizing that those facing problems carry the solutions. At Lumen Behavior we believe that adopting a human centered approach is what is needed to make a sustainable social impact in this world.

So we asked experts, did a lot of research, accepted nominations and met with leaders in the field of sustainability. After looking at hundreds of Swedish companies of all for-profit business models, we found a group that we felt stood out from the rest – that excelled at being human centered in their approach.

Caroline_Casey_1-200x200At a breakfast seminar on March 15th we are launching the Human Centered Business Index – a list of the top 10 human centered companies that we found in our research. Together with KTH Innovation (KTH Center for Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship) and Stockholm Business School (Executive Education) we look forward to presenting inspiring examples of human centered companies and learning about their work. We will also listen to speaker Caroline Casey, a social entrepreneur and adventurer who is committed to building a global movement on inclusive business by building an equal society for the 1 billion people in the world with a disability, speak about the importance of empathy in business.

We believe that because of forward thinking companies like these, Sweden can be a front-runner and innovator in the global landscape. Together we will be pioneering the discussion about the future of human centered business in Sweden!

Lumen Behavior partners with brave companies ready to become Human Centered in business and operations, by facilitating purpose, empathy, systems approach and resilience into decision making processes.

Read more about the event and RSVP


Written by Nathalie Ahlstedt Mantel

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