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Foresight #3 on Impact Investing

Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the reliance on market-based solutions to social and environmental problems around the world. The growth of impact investing is a vivid example of this trend. Different forms of investment solutions attract more private capital into investments that can help to make the society sustainable at the same time creating economic value.

In Social Innovation Foresight #3 on 23 March, we reflected and talked about impact investing. We looked at the processes that drive the dual attainment of financial success and social impact across industries and sectors. 

What different forms of impact investing are there? What does the ecosystem look like? How do we measure and achieve impact? What are the main obstacles or key factors to succeed? What possibilities have we not yet harnessed? And what trends do we see around the corner? 

Listen to keynote Michele Giddens, Partner and Co-CEO at Bridges Fund Management Ltd. who gives a short keynote followed by a reflection from Vikram Gandhi, Senior Lecturer of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. Then there there is a panel talk with Jenny Carenco, CEO, Founding Partner and Impact Manager at Prosper and Secretary of the Board of The Swedish National Advisory Board for Impact Investing, and Fredrik Persson, CEO at AB SLL Internfinans on the Swedish prerequisites on impact investing, as well as Michele Giddens.

Host was Mia Odabas, a graduate in Business and Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics, who is obsessed with smart conversations.

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