EUROCITIES 2015: Living cities – sustainable growth and quality of life

In Europe, 72% of the population lives in cities – that’s 359 million people. It is people that give cities the creativity and dynamism that makes them centers of learning, technical and cultural development, and research and innovation. But the density of cities and growing populations put pressure on resources and public services, and threaten our European model of well-managed urban concentration. To confront future challenges, we need to change the way we approach economic growth, create jobs and ensure quality of life.

At the conference we will explore new ways of promoting sustainable economic growth, of creating jobs and improving quality of life for our citizens, themes that span the work in EUROCITIES. Political debates, discovery tours and the EUROCITIES awards will focus on four themes: air quality, employment, making cities attractive for investment and urban mobility.

Visit the conference website to find out more about the exciting programme, the interesting keynote speaker, Philipp Rode of LSE cities, as well as the many opportunities to network with colleagues from all over Europe. You will also find practical information about hotel bookings, travel to and from Copenhagen and Malmö, and between Copenhagen and Malmö.

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