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How can we solve complex societal challenges such as unemployment, segregation, and digital exclusion? One way is through social innovation – which means innovative methods, activities, and collaboration to improve people’s living conditions. To inspire actors across sectors to use social innovation, as both a means as well as an aim in society, the Forum for Social Innovation Sweden create and share research-based facts, data, knowledge, but also stories and foresights on how to imagine a better future. 


Social Innovation Foresight is a digital series on social innovation where thought leaders and pioneers from around the world, share knowledge, ideas, and thoughts on how we can envision a better future.

With Foresight, we give you an opportunity to listen to and watch innovative and creative keynotes and talks that stimulate new ideas and develop knowledge. Together we can make society equitable and regenerative through collective intelligence, transformation, and social innovation.

Latest content

In our news articles we share results on new research, reports, projects and of collaborations, new methods, and highlight best-practices and upcoming events.

To make social innovation happen we need to make new connections and meet across sectors, exchange ideas, knowledge, and experiences. We catalyse, facilitate, and arrange cross-sectoral collaborations through networks, and different types and formats of meeting arenas. Join any of our open and free events!  

In our publication library you can find all the publications that we have written and produced. There are reports and other publications both in Swedish and English.