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Research meeting
– New European Bauhaus


Forum for Social Innovation Sweden invites researchers at Malmö University to a meeting about the New European Bauhaus, at Nereus on Monday 11 September at 15:15-16:30.


European boosts and Swedish breaks on social innovation?

European boosts and Swedish breaks on social innovation?

EVENT | 22 MARCH 2023

While EU has prioritised social innovation through several policy, Sweden seems to be lagging behind in strategic policy efforts.

In this session, key actors in Sweden and the EU discuss the challenges and potential in better supporting the multitude of social innovators and entrepreneurs, who keep on striving to achieve the global sustainability goals of the 2030 Agenda.


Future-Making academy


The Future-making Academy at Malmö University is a new initiative where we invite you to a reading circle with a focus on complexity, future-making, and collaboration. The purpose is to make research available, deepen and provide space to examine and discuss how thoughts and ideas from the texts we read can resonate with our own practices. 

How to support and empower young social entrepreneurs

How to support
and empower young
social entrepreneurs

EVENT | 23 MARCH 2023

In this session and panel talk, we will share how Malmö University’s Forum for Social Innovation Sweden and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship support young entrepreneurs and start-ups in Sweden.

We will also meet three successful entrepreneurs and listen to their business journeys.

Social Innovation Foresight 5 on Human Rights

Social Innovation Foresight


Social Innovation Foresight combines live events with a series of videos.

Each Foresight bring the future to you by thought leaders, big thinkers, and pioneers from around the world. With Foresight, we give you an opportunity to listen to and watch innovative and creative keynotes and talks that stimulate new ideas and develop knowledge. Together we can make society equitable and regenerative through collective intelligence, transformation, and social innovation.

Människor uppe från luften

Making social
innovation happen


This report summarizes the results of an analysis of examples of support for social innovation. It presents examples from organizations supporting social innovation in Spain, France, Latvia and Sweden. The countries and organizations in the report are part of the Building Capacity for a Sustainable Society (BuiCaSuS) project. 

People walking

Best practices show
key components in
supporting social innovation


To showcase success factors and avoid pitfalls for long-term societal change, 35 best practices on methods, tools and approaches from organisations on supporting social innovation processes have been collected in France, Latvia, Spain and Sweden.