Welcome to Making Futures book release

sybmol samverkansmodellerOn Tuesday November 25, you are invited to join a discussion based on themes and examples from the book, which range from a collective of immigrant women who perform collaborative services to the development of an open-hardware movement – from grassroots journalism to hip-hop performances on city buses.

Making Futures is edited and co-authored by people affiliated with Malmö University.

What: Book release – Making Futures: Marginal Notes on Innovation, Design, and Democracy
When: Tue Nov 25, at 9-11 (breakfast included).
Where: Medea, Östra Varvsg. 11 A
Language: English
Whom: everyone, but please sign up on

The day after the book release, there’s a Medea Talk on “Designing Transitions: Socio-Material Move-Making” with Cameron Tonkinwise, Director of Design Studies at the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University. Follow the link above to learn more.


MEDEA Collaborative Media Initiative is a center for new media at Malmö University, doing research, projects, experiments and events, designing and using collaborative media. Their work is built on co-production with actors outside the university.


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