SOCAP’s goal: Using the market to catalyze poverty alleviation

Since 2008 our conference has validated the fact that there is a market that works for people and works for the world, a market that works for the goals of philanthropy and international development yet can give a blended value return to investors.

Some of that value shows up on the balance sheet, some shows up in people lifted out of poverty, and communities stabilized and economically viable, some shows up in a more resilient ecosystem, able to withstand shocks and rebound.

In the social capital market, the market itself is just a tool. The goals are ours; a world that works for all the people and for the planet. The market at the intersection of money and meaning is a place where people can be themselves, and not just tools of the market.

Written by Kevin Jones


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On the 10th of May at 10:20 Johan Åkerblom, Emma Rung and Jan Sturesson will share stories from Sida’s programs Outreach and Innovations Against Poverty.


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