SOCAP13 announces social entrepreneurs

SOCAP supports the most promising entrepreneurs through scholarships and tailored services such as the Impact Accelerator Weekend, innovation showcases, a marketplace for entrepreneurs’ goods, and dedicated mentoring.

This year at SOCAP, thanks to a generous grant from Halloran Philanthropies, more than 100 entrepreneurs from around the globe have been provided full scholarships to attend SOCAP.

Take a look at a selection of the entrepreneur’s attending SOCAP13:

Stephan Abel, Oyster Recovery Partnership, U.S.
Keith Flett, Open Ocean Trading, LLC, U.S.
Adam Fong, Center for New Music San Francisco, Inc., U.S.
Cameron Goldie-Scot, Musoni BV, Netherlands / Kenya
Naithan Jones, AgLocal, U.S.
Neha Juneja, Greenway Grameen Infra, India
Stephen Kimiri, SOKOSHAMBANI, Kenya
Jason Loyet, Solar Site Design, U.S.
Rebecca Lujan Loveless, Communities First Association, U.S.
Jaydeep Mandal, Aakar Innovations Pvt. Ltd, India
Narcisse Mbunzama Lokwa, Mobile Agribusiness, Democratic Republic of Congo
Gouri Mirpuri, The Learning Farm, Indonesia

See full list announced here (more to come!)
Confirmed speakers at SOCAP13
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