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SE Forum bjuder in till ett stjärnspäckat och spännande seminarium nu på torsdag. Sex sociala företag från Outreach programmet examineras dessutom efter att ha genomgått en boot-camp i åtta veckor. Kom och hör deras historia och mer om hur du mäter resultat.

On 31 May at 17.30, you are warmly invited to a great seminar on measuring social impact. In the context of social entrepreneurship, we’ll be looking into why and how to measure social outputs & outcomes, and how to value impact in monetary terms.We will explore various methods for measuring social impact including, Social Return of Investment (SROI), a method applied for measuring social and environmental values currently not reflected in conventional financial calculations, and Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI), a tool used to measure poverty levels of groups/individuals and changes in poverty levels over time.

This seminar will support you in developing a deeper understanding of the impact your work has on the society and the environment, and therefore allow you to more effectively communicate the beneficial value of your work to clientele, investors, entrepreneurs, governments, public servants, and public at large.

The event will feature an array of experts specializing in various methods of measuring social impact, as well as investor perspectives with real case examples.

In addition, we will have 6 brilliant entrepreneurs, who are graduating from the SE Outreach Accelerator Program, pitch their startup ideas. In the last two months, each of the 6 entrepreneurs brought in a different perspective and approach into the work of poverty reduction while addressing social or environmental challenges in emerging markets and taking large steps towards reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

We will start and end with an opportunity to mingle and network! We look forward to having you, and celebrating the Graduates of the 2012 SE Outreach Accelerator!

The event will be held in English

Mingle and registration
Social Entrepreneurship as a tool to combat poverty
Welcome Address
Johan Åkerblom
Senior Advisor, Business For Development, Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)
Emma Rung
Program Director, Outreach Accelerator, Social Entrepreneurship Forum (SEF)
What effect does you business have on society?
A discussion panel on why and how to measure social impact
Erik Nilsson
Consultant at SERUS, where he educates companies on how to measure Social Return on Investment (SROI). He has trained hundreds of people from more than 100 organisations.
Cecilia Näsman
Managing Director of Oiko Credit Sweden, a branch office of the worldwide social investor Oiko Credit. Oiko Credit uses Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI) to measure social impact.


Caroline Cederlöf
Co-founder and Director at Social Initiative. Social Initiative is a company that helps businesses and individuals maximize the value of its community involvement.
Staffan Ahl
Business Developer at Swedfund, which offers risk capital, expertise,  and financial support for investments in emerging markets in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.
Magnus Rehn
Business Coach at STING Stockholm Innovation & Growth, which helps entrepreneurs build new international growth companies faster. Magnus engages in international trade to create growth and is also an investor in the clean tech-business.

Hanna Hallin

CEO at Sektor3, a think- tank whose mission is to raise awareness and knowledge about the civil society. Sektor3 consists of around 200,000 organisations, co-operatives and foundations.
Presenting: SE Outreach Accelerator Program startups!
6 pitches from social entrepreneurs focusing on emerging markets
TRIU is a bottle designed with two uses in mind: first, as a liquid container; and second, as an element to build a living space. With TRIU, much of the money spent in getting rid of a bottle could be saved –even by the bottle industry- by addressing pollution and lack of shelter in many parts of the world.
Dump Tees
Dump Tees is a eco/fair trade clothing brand and a social business employing and telling the untold stories of people living on less then $4/daypeople in La Chureca, a huge garbage dump in Nicaragua. Their Tees are made by cooperatives run and owned by women in Nicaragua, and sold mainly in Sweden and Europe through the DumpTees webshop.
Powerfy plans to provide environmentally friendly mobile charging at the doorstep in rural areas where commercial mobile charging services are not offered, with focus on Africa. In the process, job opportunities will be created for rural entrepreneurs, which provide revenues higher than the local minimum wage.
I love SPAM
I Love Spam is a social business that will maximize the growth of sustainable technology through helping “spammers” become innovative IT entrepreneurs. This social bsiness has found a way to to generate revenue from “recycling” online-spam by helping build local IT business where the spam originates, attacking fraud at its source.
moWoza are building an ecosystem for mobile shopping in urban and rural areas in Mozambique and Kenya. This ecosystem will ensure that customers can buy goods in one area and beneficiaries can collect those goods through agents in another area, anytime, anyhere. It is a mobile shopping platform that any customer can access through SMS messages.
Bridgit offers a new way of surfing the web for change. It’s an application for computers and handheld devices that follows peoples daily online movements to learn what engages individuals around the world. It offers direct ways for social entrepreneurs to connect together and engage in global issues easier and faster.
SE Outreach first Accelerator Program Graduation! 
Celebrate the Graduates: Mingle and Networking
Join us for the Grand Finale of the SE Outreach Accelerator Program! Learn about measuring social impact and broaden your network by meeting other entrepreneurs and investors! 
Date: May 31, 2012
Time: 17.30  -20.00
Location: Folkuniversitetet, Kungstensgatan 45
RSVP: outreach@se-forum.se


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