ACSI Camp 2013

Impact of ACSI in City of Kotka

The City of Kotka has participated in ACSI as a client for three subsequent years with ever lengthening case titles: Kotka Culture Harbour; Development of a New City Environment; New Models for Regional Competitiveness and Collaboration.

From the beginning ACSI has challenged our thinking and hidden assumptions of the city and its sources of future. We have experienced a change in our mindsets – affecting especially the paradigm of city planning but also the meaning of interaction between city and its citizens.

The self-organizing case groups have consisted of people with heterogenous backgrounds and education. Succesful co-operation has started from mutual respect and everyone trusting their personality, knowledge, understanding and giftedness for the group. Inevitable moments of confusion and despair make way for fresh thinking and new linking of ideas. Facilitation is available when there’s a need for it. A delightful feature of a good process is rethinking or reframing the problems; every case group has been able to ask deeper and more meaningful questions than we as case-owners have! Working intensively together has created personal commitment and networks that are invaluable for us.

An ACSI camp, with its cheerful and respectful atmosphere, lectures, crossing borders and an abundance of intensive interactions make surroundings that energize people and the work itself within the challenge groups. Participants just tend to sizzle with energy when they come home.

Today, we are processing the numerous leads we have received from various cases. Putting the ideas together, we can recognize societal processes that have a power to make a positive difference in our city.

Excitingly, we have now started preparing a localized version of an ACSI camp for early 2014. The camp will be supporting our regional strategy, gathering key players of a larger scene (crossing national borders) together. Certainly giving us a new perspective on how and on which grounds to collaborate. ACSI seems to offer intellectual property that just gets better when it’s shared.

big_Kysa_2496721Markku Hannonen
City Planning Director
City of Kotka


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