ACSI Camp 2013

How do we best stimulate people’s ability to take initiative and create development?

Tillväxtverket and The Hub Stockholm are collaborating on bringing a challenge to the ACSI Camp in Malmö. The issue they are raising is ”how do we best stimulate people’s ability to take initiative and create development, so that more individuals take responsibility for a sustainable society?” The challenge focuses mainly on the problems and opportunities that people in the suburbs face in their daily lives.

eva_johansson– Among many suburban residents, there is a distrust of being part of creating an impact. That is why we want to find ways for more people to contribute to this development and we believe that entrepreneurship and business can be two great ways. We want to stimulate both methods, collectively as well as individually, says Eva Johansson, Administrator for Entrepreneurship at Tillväxtverket (the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth).

Tillväxtverket wants to find new ways to find the driving force behind development and change.

– We believe it is possible to combine the desire to create change with the desire to run a business. We are convinced that it is not about starting yet another project but rather about how we get people involved through their own ability. We want to learn more about how Tillväxtverket can contribute in creating better conditions for more people to really realize their ideas through entrepreneurship and running a business, says Eva Johansson.

Jesper Kjellerås, CEO and one of the founders of The Hub Stockholm, shares his perspective:

Jesper– There are a lot of people with very good ideas, but we lack a structure for how these ideas can grow and become developed ideas and businesses as well as how the people behind the ideas can become entrepreneurs. This is what we work with at The Hub and now the issue is how can we involve more people? How can we get suburbs and the individuals living there to be part of this? How do we raise their ideas and ensure that their entrepreneurship is utilized? To us entrepreneurship is a way to create change in society, he says and adds:

– How can we create a structure that allows individuals to realize their ideas?

The Hub Stockholm chose to be part of ACSI to see how they best can share what they already are doing with more people. Tillväxtverket is actively working to strengthen their activities towards sustainable growth and want to become even better at supporting business ideas as well as entrepreneurship. Being part of ACSI gives them this very opportunity.

What are your expectations of ACSI?

– We expect to gain some kind of basis for deciding how to move forward in our work with supporting entrepreneurship and business, what we can do better and what we can do differently for example when it comes to young innovation, social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs with a foreign background, says Eva Johansson.

– We are hoping to find great individuals who want to be part of what we are doing and get ideas for new structures we can work with. We need more people involved in creating the structures we need in our work with entrepreneurship, social innovation and urban development – focusing on large cities and suburbs. How do we create these arenas and what do they look like? How can we create a location and a support structure for these people, Jesper Kjellerås asks in closing.

Tillväxtverket facilitates innovation in businesses and regions, making it easier for businesses focusing on sustainable growth. Tillväxtverket is a national agency with about 350 employees at nine locations around the country.

The Hub Stockholm works to create context and support structures for entrepreneurs to realize their ideas. The Hub creates creative work environments, combining the best parts of a secure community, innovationlab-like environment and business incubators, mixed with a sense of “a home away from home”.

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Written by Lotta Solding
Translated to english by Rebecca Allen Lamptey



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