Exploring the intersection of design, social innovation and public policy

In the book titled ”Public and collaborative, Exploring the intersection of design, social innovation and public policy” 11 articles present, from a critical perspective, the labs’ projects and activities during the past two years. The book opens with Christian Bason’s paper, Discovering Co-production by Design. In this paper Bason, Director of Denmark’s MindLab, proposes a broad view of how design is entering the public realm and the policymaking processes.

Per-Anders Hillgren, one of the researchers involved in Forum for Social Innovation Sweden, delivers some valuable insights from a swedish design lab for social innovation. In Hillgrens paper ”Participatory design for social and public innovation: Living Labs as spaces for agonistic experiments and friendly hacking”, he presents some learning’s and reflection on what role Malmö University can take, as a design school, when running a DESIS lab where they approach several urgent challenges our society is facing today.

“Though social innovation deals with complex problems that cannot be easily negotiated into consensus and within which people will inevitably disagree when you make solutions more concrete, agonism has emerged as a fruitful approach to frame our experiments within.”

Read the entire paper by Hillgren and others by downloading the book via the link below. To follow the Living Labs project check out their project website for live updates.

Download and read the book
More information about DESIS


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