Impact Investment – Livebroadcast from Stockholm

Published 23 November 2011 by Redaktionen

The seminar “Understanding & Sharing Experiences from Impact Investing”, will bring together Stockholm-based private and institutional investors to discuss the subject. Follow the live broadcast via Bambuser.

This is part of a build up toward the 2012 SoCap Future conference, which, as recently announced, will be held in Sweden in May 2012. After holding a similar seminar in Malmö, it is now time for Stockholm. Follow the live broadcast today from 15.00 – 17.00 on Bambuser. If you are unable to watch it live then check in later and watch the archived broadcast on the same channel.

The speakers for this event will be:
- Kevin Jones, Co-Founder, Social Capital Markets [US]
- Lisa & Charly Kleissner, Founders, KL Felicitas Foundation [US]
- Tera Terpstra, Director, Toniic Europe [NL]
- Jonas Ahlén, Investment Manager, Alternative Investments, Storebrand Investments [SE]

The event is organized by SSD Advisers

Planning partners for the event are:
- Social Entrepreneurship Forum
- Center for Social Entrepreneurship Stockholm
- Mötesplatsen för social innovation och samhällsentreprenörskap
- DLA Nordic

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