Digital launch of ”ABC of Social Innovation”

”ABC of Social Innovation” is the first in a series of publications we will produce within the area of social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

The booklet is now made available on the internet and is launched both in swedish and in english in order to attract international interest within this area.

We sort out the concepts, explain what social innovation is, why it is important and let some of the worlds leading voices within the field talk about social innovation.

Erika Augustinsson is the editor of the publication and is also the author of the book ”Tjäna pengar och rädda världen”, (Earning money and saving the world).

The Forum for Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship will, together with many other organisations and social entrepreneurs such as Ashoka ScandinaviaPlaying for ChangeHjärna.Hjärta.Cash and more, take part in this years SIME and SIME NON-PROFIT conference in Stockholm.

In connection with the launch we have, in collaboration with Worldfavor, made a short video about our platform for social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

To read, download and print ”ABC of Social Innovation” go here.


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