Crowdsourcing week – blog post #1: Decentralization, Crowdsourcing and Trust

Crowdsourcing Week (CSW) Arctic // Europe 2018 is arranged in Luleå and Vuollerim on the 20 – 24 March. CSW brings the latest developments in crowdsourcing to centre stage, focusing around trending topics such as Finance, ICO’s & Green Bonds, Energy & Sustainability, Innovation and CrowdGaming, Agriculture, Farming, Travel & Tourism in the Sharing Economy. European and other international speakers from US and Asia will share how crowdsourcing is shaping their industries and is transforming organizations today.
Forum for Social Innovation (MSI) is an organizing partner […]

The Metrics Myth- Why Quantitative Presentation of Qualitative Value Matters

Since at least the early ‘90s, those involved in the generation of more than money have been on a quest to capture the right balance between documentation of impact and claims to same. For me personally, I have been a reluctant crusader in this quest for coming on thirty years. As a social worker in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District, operating a multi-service center for homeless youth, justification of our funding was often tied to service counts. And yet, while our […]