Ashoka Young Changemaker Camp 2014

Through the Changemaker Tour that Ashoka conducted in the spring of 2013, we met a lot of young people with an idea to change society for the better. That made us very happy and inspired, but we also realized through talking to these young people, that the infrastructure supporting young social entrepreneurs in Scandinavia is almost non-existing.

So we decided to do something about this need, and as a start we invited young changemakers to a 3-day Young Changemaker Camp.

Through a rigorous application process where Ashoka Scandinavia received hundreds of nominations, we elected 14 young changemakers to join our Camp. They all had in common that they were between 18-30 years old, residents in Scandinavia, concerned about certain social challenges in their communities and were actively trying to solve them through an idea or an organization.

We gathered them on a remote island in Stockholm’s archipelago during three cold days in February were we had lectures on social entrepreneurship, workshops about self-leadership, feedback sessions and discussions to develop their ideas and organizations, as well as themselves as Changemakers. Activities also consisted of hands-on tools they could learn and apply to their ideas and organizations such as time management and social impact measurement tools, and pitch training to name a few examples.

But the Young Changemaker Camp was not only to support those selected. It was also a place for Ashoka to gather learnings about what kind of support young changemakers in Scandinavia need in order to grow their ideas, inspire others to become changemakers and together with Ashoka create a world where every young person has the freedom, confidence and societal support to address any social problem and drive change.

As a result, Ashoka is now developing the Young Changemaker Program in Scandinavia based on the learnings from the Young Changemaker Camp. Do you have ideas, thoughts or insights on young changemaking in Scandinavia and how we can make it grow? Let us know!

Contact our offices at scandinavia@ashoka.org or our Team member working with Young Changemakers, Yatin Sethi at ysethi@ashoka.org.

Read more about Ashoka’s work with young changemakers here  and view photos and updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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