Ashoka establishes Scandinavia office

The world’s leading organization for social entrepreneurs is now establishing it self in Scandinavia with Maja Frankel as the director. The organization has supported more than 3000 of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, and now Scandinavia is next.

Ashoka has the longest experience in the world when it comes to identifying and supporting social entrepreneurs. It is wonderful to have been given the confidence to build Ashoka in the Scandinavian countries, says Maja Frankel.

Ashoka is the world’s first and largest organization for social entrepreneurs. The organization in an early stage identify so called Ashoka fellows, visionaries that have come up with solutions to some of the world’s biggest social problems. The chosen social entrepreneurs receive financing and professional support so that they can continue to develop their business ideas.

Up till now nine persons in Scandinavia have received support. Some of Ashoka’s elected social entrepreneurs are Sofia Appelgren from Mitt Liv who works for increased diversity and integration on the Swedish labour market, and Anders Wilhelmsson from Peepoople who produces sanitary solutions for urban and densely populated areas.

-Ashoka chose to enter the Scandinavian region because it is extremely socially minded and open to innovation. Social entrepreneurship is growing quickly across the Scandinavian and Nordic countries, particularly among younger people. There are a lot of great ideas and a lot of enthusiastic partners and supporters. Ashoka Scandinavia joins an Ashoka team spread across Europe, and in 70 countries around the world, says Paul O’Hara, Director of Europe.

Maja Frankel is an established leader for social change in Sweden. She has founded the social changing businesses Framtidsboxen and Frankel&Friends, she is also Vice Chairman in Swedish Unicef.

The Scandinavia office is a part of an organization that has more than 25 regional offices, and that is represented in all continents. Since the founding in 1980 Ashoka has paved the way for social entrepreneurship all around the world. It involves 3000 examples in 70 countries on how individuals can make a difference and change entire sectors.

Ashoka is built on the conviction that each single person can represent a big positive impact. Everyone can be a changemaker that has the tools, liberty, and confidence to initiate and be the force of change.

More info on Ashoka Scandinavia’s website


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