SOCAP13 – Accelerating the good economy

SOCAP (Social Capital Markets) is the world’s largest gathering of socially-motivated investors and entrepreneurs. It’s the conference that holds its place in the market at the intersection of Money & Meaning, the place where good things happen when you meet valuable strangers, the connection you would not have made ordinarily. Because of our specific emphasis on gathering voices across a broad spectrum, you’ll run into more people you would not have run into at typical conferences that are focused either on impact investing or philanthropically-funded social enterprise. We are the conference in the middle, where all the important tribes show up to mingle and share new things.
(Read the full conveners welcome by Kevon Jones here)


socap 13 themes





A $2.7 trillion dollar plus opportunity in health; a critical reframing of the oceans conversation; an exploration of community innovation in places like Louisville and Detroit; art as a tool to change hearts and minds; a look at the historical trend of faith as a change agent; and – as always – a deep exploration of money, meaning and all that lies at the intersection.

That’s just the beginning as SOCAP13 begins to take shape.


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